The Uniqueness of Western Civilization Series

What and who is a Westerner, a European? What are traits that connect ancient inhabitants of Europe to the people of today?

This series of five summaries draw from the book, The Uniqueness of Western Civilization, by Ricardo Duchesne.

In it, the author takes a long view of history and exposes that which remains constant underneath the regular changes and explorations that Europeans have engaged in.

These varied notes from the book are shared in an effort to spark further investigation and connect dots in people’s minds.

Particularly for those of European descent, it is one resource to help re-discover and articulate an identity and sense of self that has been hushed and quieted in contemporary times.

The views and research are those of the author.

Please forgive my mispronunciation of Ricardo Duchesne’s surname, I’d heard that name pronounced that way in the past.



Part 1:

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Part 2:

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Part 3:


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Correction for Part 3: The Code of Ur-Nammu is the oldest-known written law, not the code of Hammurabi.


Part 4:

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Part 5:

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