Pulse (Poem)

  Drumming wheels of time unravel lengthening the chapters woven. In the wood thoughts peer through; wisps of green, our instincts wrapping in a perfume now seducing us into our next condition, yielding to magnetic tethers pulling toward the next edge. Always searching but home in searching– pulsing, turning, dancing, waiting.   Beat the rhythms, each phrase an age cloaked in capsules, tears and droplets, … Continue reading Pulse (Poem)

The Dark Quarter | Music Video by Volk Dissident

 Direct BitChute Link   Volk Dissident invited me to record a reading of my poem, The Dark Quarter. After some consultation together, he produced this audio-visual featuring his own music and treated film footage. The video reflects the theme of poem, celebrating the time of year starting at the European harvest festivals and culminating during the Yuletide. I commend his great work.   ~ … Continue reading The Dark Quarter | Music Video by Volk Dissident

Procession (Poem)

Flying the skies with the winged gods of eagle rock we find ourselves truly in the Core. Roman temples and Alpine forests portal us to that center, particular means for our perfected shapes. The forest court echoes of the messengers, the valleys of mystery we traverse and reveal the undercurrent, awakened. Living through the grand proscenium of time the hills march with us, a tradition … Continue reading Procession (Poem)