“Horizon” | New Song

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I know 

at times it got so low

and we looked to the insane 

but got aright. 


oh, this time 

it’s down to me 

and you, too, 

it’s beautiful to know.

And I see 

from the eye to the sheen.

We’ll be 

flying the starry sea.

We know 

we’ll never let this go

moving through the secret now 

stories to unfold. 

We’re free 

and you’ll now 

move with me and wear gold 

pieces of the whole. 

And we’ll be 

flying right in a dream. 

Sky scene 

inside you, out of me. 

Let’s be 

all those things we had seen

no more waiting…now. 

I have made

I have known 

I have gone

through the night. 

We’ve made

we’ve known 

and we go

now we go. 

We’ll be 

flying right in a dream.

Sky scene 

inside you, out of me. 

Now we go. 

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