Karissa & Sarah of Hearth & Helm on Reviving Crafts, True Health | TAP

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Karissa and Sarah from the Hearth & Helm show join

TAP together for the first time.


We hear Karissa’s story of waking to

the antiwhite agenda and

how she had intended to step out and become a public voice.

We also hear some of Sarah’s run-ins

with antiwhite media and

how that prepared her for the work she does now.


Both women speak extensively about their holistic approach

to life and family, reviving old crafts,

growing and consuming natural foods and products

while removing toxins,

keeping their children away from

poisonous mainstream messages,

and more.


This is all put in the context of how they

share what they’re learning

on their own show and social media

as a way to model a more healthy and

fulfilling lifestyle for other families.


~Guest Links~

Schooner Creek Farm Website, Sarah’s family business

Real Twitter for Schooner Creek Farms (beware fake accounts)

Edelweiss Apothecary natural bodycare products made by Karissa

Telegram of the show, “Hearth & Helm”

DLive of show “Hearth & Helm”

Twitter of show “Hearth & Helm”

YouTube of show “Hearth & Helm”

Instagram of “Hearth &Helm”



White Wellbeing Search Engine of Products/Services/Arts,

mentioned on the show

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