Music Interview on Britian’s SCUM Media

Press as my debut song, “Someone To Know” was released.

*UPDATE: Unfortunately the format of that site changed in mid-2021 and now the article is no longer available online.

But the text is below…


Jared George first became active online with his The Great Order website and platforms in late 2017, with an intention to contribute to the regeneration of the West during this time of transition and upheaval.

We asked him to give a few words about his latest music project, as his debut single, “Someone To Know,” launches, which can be found here

Funny enough, music is my main passion, but ended up being the last thing to fit into my The Great Order umbrella of projects. The short version is that in the past it was not the right time, and now it is.

I write, sing, play guitar, bass, some synthesizer, and produce the records. 
I’ve always had an instinct to harmonize polarities, so there’s definitely something of the traditional and the futurist mixed into the music and aesthetic. 

While the work I sometimes do on livestreams requires me to address and articulate particular challenges of our times in a more analytical manner, I very strongly feel that certain currents of world views, values, energies are encoded into the arts.

And so we have to just make the kind of culture we want now, without waiting for the outside world to change first–it actually works in the reverse. 

Delivery wise, I think given the position I’m in and our whole online culture, it made sense for me to put out one song at a time, with its own packaging and presentation. 

I have different styles and approaches that I write and produce in and am eager to share them all. I felt that this first release had to serve as an introduction.

Some of my songs in the future will rock harder, some will go more to the acoustic side, some more electronic…but I wanted the debut to combine a lot of my styles, while being catchy, and not sound like a mess! Hopefully, this first song, “Someone To Know,” got that across…

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