The ’50s, ’60s, Societal Changes & Cycles | with Loralee | Learning In Public 25

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Loralee Scaife returns, incidentally on the spring equinox.

Our seed topic is her experiences growing up during the 1950s and 1960s.

Many rightly see the degeneracy of today but then go on to simply

glorify the 1950s while vilifying the 1960s. We will, as always,

take both a more nuanced and wider perspective.

Themes of meaning, spirituality, and reanimating myths also factored into the discussion.


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Approximate Time Stamps:



What’s going on now and why talk of 50s and 60s are relevant.



Some background on my family and life in 1950s, 

setting up to ask Loralee about a “fakeness” during the 1950s and reaction to it in 1960s.



Loralee begins her response.  Collective trauma following World War II, tech boom. 

The 1960s rupture of the prior structures.  

Connection to the current cycle shift in the 2020s.



John asks about supposed phoniness of 1950s,

 and the 1960s response also being something of an artificial rebellion.

False “light” of each?

Loralee responds about more balanced search for and

management of spiritual light and knowledge.



Eros as life force, harmony of the cosmos.

How sexual energy was used and manipulated in mass consciousness,

and how to better understand this now. 



Loralee begins to respond talking about the Dionysian explosion in her youth.

But also this as related to search for the transcendent in the 1960s.



I make some comments about the depth and searching of certain

1960s music that was not there in the 1950s.



John asks about folk music and the depth therein.



Putting a finer point on the 1960s being only “Dionysian.” There as also a push for truth and the spiritual

Loralee speaks to changes in the church she saw growing up. 



John asks if you can go back to the spirit of a past era.

Loralee on questions being frowned upon in 1950s.



John asks about rationality and repression. 

What “normal” used to mean. 

Rationalism only being a “light” of the intellect, modernity getting away from the spiritual. 

False binaries.



Are we really in the “more complex stage of the fractal” in terms of life cycles?


Order and flux. 

Is there always a seesaw to eras of chaos and eras of order?

Or can a balance be struck simultaneously?



Returning to nuance: Can we see something sinister in the ’50s and

something innocent in the ’60s?

The search for ecstasy and rock ‘n’ roll being a vehicle for ecstasy. 



John on Eros being immortal and eternal. Mishandling the erotic today. 

Asks about repression vs. squandering of erotic energy. 



Loralee on misuse of word, “love.”

Projection, getting beyond the rupture of the psyche that the above implied. 



John on finding smaller ways to find balance in the world.

Marriage as  the forge for creation. Sacred marriage. 



 Fairy tales and Grail material as guides to a more holistic life






Loralee speaks of masculine creating the container for

the feminine to create life and feel safe



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  1. Great conversation and an absolutely beautiful and inspiring website! Thank you for the breath of fresh air. I look forward to many future visits.

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