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Squatting Slav on differences he observes in North America versus when he visits Serbia in the summers.

Note that this isn’t intended to disparage our people in N. America,

as later in the show I state that older people have relayed to me how things used to be more like this in N. America.

The purpose is to reflect on what breaks down societies

and what our priorities should be for carving out the best life we can, wherever we are.

From the January 31, 2020 episode of TAP.

2 thoughts on “Socializing in Eastern Europe | CLIPS

  1. First off, Great content. I enjoy your website and hope to see more of your brilliant RED ICE videos.
    The Squatting Slav resides in Vancouver. White people are literally a minority there (look it up). Vancouver is a terrible city devoid of soul-a city of strangers and cliques. A striking example of the malaise-riddled post-national future that awaits if we don’t fight back.
    Vancouver does not represent Canadian culture. I don’t disagree with the Slav’s views at all; I just want to clarify that point.
    Real Canadians living in fairly homogeneous white towns socialize much differently than they do in Vancouver or Toronto. There is a sense of camaraderie and the feeling of danger the Slav speaks of isn’t there. However, being of mostly protestant settler/farmer stock Canadians tend not to be as outwardly friendly as the eastern- european immigrants are. Canadians also tend to prefer structured social activities, especially sports related activities. We prefer an agreed upon end time rather than an open-ended affair especially as we grow older. This is true of most peoples, but even moreso with Canadians.
    As an old-stock Canadian, I like and appreciate eastern-europeans, but have always been a bit annoyed at how quickly they want to be your friend. I don’t find their friendliness to be a negative trait, it just kind of throws me off because as an old-stock Canadian I am not used to it. Canadians tend to prefer a period of casual aquaintanceship before moving onto friendship and then fraternity.
    In closing, Squatting Slav is great. Vancouver is bad. Real Canadians (as opposed to paper Canadians) are friendly, but guarded due to our settler heritage. Eastern european immigrants tend to be friendlier due to their more communal heritage. Both are great.
    Just wanted to add to the conversation. You guys are inspiring people.

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