Spring Singing (Poem)


Come now to the wild welcome,
the day’s light touch,
the simmering song.
Set right the path
for trailing hours
and on, and on, and on.

Green rolls in, fresh earthen tide
births bright secrets
in its folds.
The sun begins to kiss more boldly,
our limbs more noble
in our strolls.

Open roads frame blooming tones
and we, the crowd to cheer
the aspect.
This starts what may, the timeless
sway, facing neither past
nor prospect.

The merry way
all down the lane
thanksgiving for each reed stem,
each blade of grass and flower full,
untroubled smiles to greet them.

We take our place amongst the play
teased by the wing’d mates
we witness.
Call bounty up, the teeming cup,
each glance meets our ripe mistress.

We stride inside the daytime star,
all yellow, blue, at noon;
electric flows
from our sphere’s core,
within the cosmic tune.

All bridged, we bridge,
we ground the stars,
watch daylight pleasures brought to bear
and knowing wholly,
seeing solely, claiming
we are there.


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This poem was originally published in Issue # 3 of WPQ magazine, 2020.

Painting: Albert Bierstadt, California Spring, 1857

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