Dr. Ricardo Duchesne on Canadian War On Whites | TAP

Watch the embedded episode below. Works on most browsers.    Direct Odysee Link  Direct YouTube Link or listen in audio-only podcast form on Spreaker.   Author and former professor, Dr. Ricardo Duchesne, returns to discuss weaponized migration and Canada’s social climate that squashes white positive voices.   Dr. Duchesne’s first TAP appearance in 2019.   ~Guest’s information~ Blog Books: The Uniqueness of Western Civilization … Continue reading Dr. Ricardo Duchesne on Canadian War On Whites | TAP

Your Inheritance Interrupted

Direct BitChute Link   A powerful testimony from a listener. What used to be a birthright bequeathed by your ancestors and the whole way of being your ethno-culture built in the past is now something we frantically scramble around looking for.   Painting in thumbnail:  Nathaniel Dance-Holland, The Pybus Family. Circa 1769. Oil on canvas. National Gallery of Victoria, Australia. Continue reading Your Inheritance Interrupted