Endeavour | TAP

Watch the embedded episode below. Works on most browsers.    Direct YouTube Link Direct BitChute Link   Canada’s Endeavour joins us for the first time to disentangle the ideas that lead to the West letting our guard down, the nature of power structures beyond democratic politics, how the anti-white agendas of “social justice” and “woke” corporations go hand in hand, and preparing Westernkind to … Continue reading Endeavour | TAP

Social Order, Greatness, Jordan Peterson | CLIPS

Watch the embedded video below.  Direct BitChute Link   Some thoughts on a real social order and the morality of justice and responsibility, the idea of greatness as a unifying principle (as opposed to “everyone gets a trophy”), and a consideration about Jordan Peterson.  This clip is taken from my September 10, 2018 appearance on Westward Thought. Continue reading Social Order, Greatness, Jordan Peterson | CLIPS