Discussing Martin Sellner & The Matrix | After Hours

Watch the embedded video below. Works on most browsers.  Direct YouTube Link Direct BitChute Link   Jason and I start by discussing Jason’s recent video where a doctor in Texas states that eliminating whites would be a better way of ensuring people take vaccines. This prompts a discussion on the twin white traits of freedom (the natural urge to resist tyranny, which perturbs this … Continue reading Discussing Martin Sellner & The Matrix | After Hours

Video: American Autopsy

 Direct BitChute Link This…THIS is what’s so controversial?! Instead of discussing the hateful attacks on the lead article from Esquire March 2019, important as that subject is, this video analyzes the article itself. Link to the Esquire Article itself PS Notice how the Esquire article editors missed the typo of misspelling “gauntlet.   This video may contain copyrighted material, the use of which may … Continue reading Video: American Autopsy