VILE.RADIO: The Great Order | Jared on His Music Pivot | Outside Appearances

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 I spoke to Nick of Unwashed on the new radio-style interview series

for his VILE platform.

It felt like I was talking to a DJ in the glory days of FM radio

when it was about the music & the people.

And it is again!

Originally aired on his DLive channel.


Approximate Time Stamps:



Pivot from commentator to musician



New ways to deliver music and interact with audience online for this social media new era.

Putting songs out on a rolling basis, integrating with other kinds of work.



Is this my first foray into music?

The “wall” with most young arts scenes needing allegiance to “progressive,” anti-Western agenda



My earliest memories of loving music, influences



I wasn’t part of a music scene. Had to draw on imaginative



Being inspired by “what if’s?”



Conjuring a culture, not just reacting to the current world



What I hope to create after this first song release, looking forward.

The new scene in the West in general



Self sufficiency.

Then globalism versus globalization,

and what is it for us to understand the distinction, both personally and for how we reach others



Birdseye view of the budding new culture.

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